ES 420 Presentations

To fulfill the requirements of  ES420 (Introduction to GIS), students generated a research question, gathered data, developed a methodology, completed a GIS based analysis, interpreted results, and created a poster.  The level of detail on these posters was not easily interpreted on a computer screen.  Therefore, the students have broken their poster sections into presentations for easier viewing.

Survey of Land Use and Downtown Development in Delaware

Effects of Land Use on the Species Richness of Northern Delaware

Occupancy Levels of Animals Compared to the Median Income for Households in New Castle County, Delaware

Creating an infrastructure maintenance map for the Great Cypress Swamp

BI 327 Poster Presentations

Dr. Curran’s Animal Behavior (BI327) students completed group research projects as one of the requirements for the course.  Over the course of several weeks they developed and tested a hypothesis observing local animals or laboratory cultures of insects.  These are some of their presentations.

Food Value and Foraging Preferences in the Gray Squirrel

Nest Predation in Birds

Bean Beetles Experiments

SN 100 Posters

Stephanie Stotts’ SN100 (Frontiers of Science) class spent the semester learning about backyard gardening and sustainable agriculture while improving scientific literacy skills.  The students in the class were assigned to groups and tasked with selecting an unusual vegetable to research and grow.  These posters include their findings and pictures of their plants.

Purple Podded Bush Beans

Exploring The Red of Florence Onion

Pretty, Peachy, Ghost Pepper

The Seed Project: Pusa Asita Carrot

Atomic Grape Tomatoes