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Student Refund Checks

We are processing refund checks beginning January 31st the availability for the checks is listed below.  If you want to pick up your refund a sign-up sheet will be in the Business Office just keep in mind if there is a Plus loan and the refund is going back to the parent, they will be mailed home and cannot be picked up by the student.


Living on Campus (excluding Freshmen)                                   Available 02-15 after 2:30 pm

Grads & Seniors                                                                             Available 02-22 after 2:30 pm

Juniors & Sophomores                                                                 Available 03-01 after 2:30 pm

Freshmen (All Freshmen)                                                            Available 03-08 after 2:30 pm


Important Note:  Please keep in mind that if the refund you are expecting includes funds from an outside scholarship, the dates may not coincide with this schedule.  Refunds cannot be processed before the scholarship is received by the College.

 If you requested to pick up your refund, they will be available in the Mail Room after 2:30 pm on the    date listed.

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