We want to help you make sure your path to graduation is a smooth process and avoid any incomplete items which could prevent you from walking or receiving your diploma.

To be sure you are prepared to graduate, YOU MUST COMPLETE THE SENIOR PRE-GRADUATION CHECKLIST:

1. Complete the Degree Completion Survey
a. Make sure you Login to MyWesley First!
b. Bachelor Degree Completion Form: (Click Here)
c. Graduate Degree Completion Form: (Click Here)

If applicable:
2. Complete the Direct Loan Exit Survey*: (Click Here)
3. Complete the Perkins Loan Exit Survey*: (Click Here)
4. Contact the Business Office to clear any financial holds pending*: (Email Amanda.Hawkins@wesley.edu)
5. Contact the Parker Library to ensure you have no outstanding library books due*

* If you are unsure if items 2-5 pertain to you, please contact the following offices directly:
Office of Student Financial Planning, Debi Ivy (736-2338)
Business Office, Amanda Hawkins (736-2331)
Parker Library, Jessica Olin (736-2455)